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Fife & I

October 16, 2023

The Fife is a *very* old instrument and although its origins are greatly debated, the most likely story begins in Switzerland and Germany. Used as a military instrument, the fifes and drums were used to signal the troops over the sounds of battle, as the fife was pitched high enough to cut over the noise, while the drums were pitched low enough to cut underneath the noise. 

 Gaining more of a modern approach in the mid to late 20th century, the fife has taken on quite a journey. Alessandra is passionate that, while a nod to history is always important, the fife has so much potential and versatility to take on more of a modern role in today's music community.


"Fife & I" is a project of time - a progression of tunes written during childhood and continuing through the years. Starting with a bored ten year old waiting in the back seat of a car with nothing to be entertained with except for a fife and a pen, this music for fife has since grown and these works have been compiled into this collection - works for "Fife & I."

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Parallel Lines

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